School History and Mission

Year of Establishment of School :- 13 April 1956

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Senior Secondary School, Sector 35-B, Chandigarh runs under the aegis of Gurudwara Asthapan Committee , Sec-22D, Chandigarh.It was founded on the pious day of Baisakhi, the most auspicious day of “Birth of Khalsa” in the sacred memory of “Saravansdani” tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It occupies an enviable position on the academic, music and sports map of the North India. It has proved itself an epitome of quality education. The School is committed to provide caring and nurturing environment in which parent and teacher work hand in hand for all round development of the child. It has open lush green space conducive to real growth of innocent and blossoming children. The school is leaving no stone unturned in its mission to provide a healthy physical, emotional and academic growth of the children entrusted to its care.

All possible care is being taken to integrate technology with pedagogy, as we cannot deny its pervasiveness in all aspects of our lives. The main aim of the school is to provide quality education to its students and inculcate moral values among them. The objective of the school is to inculcate a deep sense of Nationalism among the students as to equip them with such practical knowledge, which will help them to lead a cleaner personal life and to develop self-reliance in the matter of handling various types of problems being faced by them in the modern world. Its sole aim is to develop leadership and brotherhood among the students and to inculcate them in ancient moral values. The School intends all round growth and development of the students.

The school lays proper emphasis on the physical well being of the students and provides facilities for various games. Regular outdoor activities within the spacious school campus and nature visits form the integral part of the play way techniques employed in teaching. The curriculum of the school is so planned that makes the students to excel not only in various exams but in various competitions also.

The committed staff is constantly taking endeavour to evolve altruistic feelings such as compassion, gratitude, reverence etc, towards parents, society, country and ultimately the world to develop broader global outlook consequently. To give students, an exposure, confidence and develop a sense of imagination and to enhance their outlook various educational excursions are organized from time to time.