The library of the school is well equipped with the sitting capacity of app. 50 students. Library has more than 20000 text books and 5000 reference books. It includes books from Nursery to XII class. We subscribe eight magazines related with current affairs, education, sports and carrier guidance. Five newspapers are available to keep students and staff update with the latest information. Reference books include maps, dictionaries, and magazines. Students can read it in the library. We have good numbers of books on Divinity. Good Punjabi, Hindi and English literature is also available.

Library Facilities
(I) Size of the Library in sq. feet 30'' * 35 ''
(II) No. Of Periodicals Five
(III) No. Of Dailies Six
(IV) No. of Reference books class-wise 17,552 from 6th to 12th
(V) No. of Magazine Four
(VI) Others Maps, Atlas